Transformers fans – we’re a bit late on this reveal, but here it is! Hasbro has revealed the details of the upcoming Transformers: Generations Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Autobot Goldbug figure that is available for pre-order now.

Transformers: Generations Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Autobot Goldbug

(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $29.99 / Available: December 1, 2021)

The Shattered Glass Collection Deluxe AUTOBOT GOLDBUG figure stands at 5.5 inches tall, converts from robot to sports car mode in 22 steps and comes with a bazooka accessory that attaches in both modes. This GOLDBUG figure’s deco is inspired by the Shattered Glass universe, complete with a purple AUTOBOT logo. GOLDBUG was once a young CYBERTRONIAN drifter known as BUMBLEBEE trying to survive on the streets of POLYHEX. After joining the AUTOBOTS, BUMBLEBEE worked his way up the ranks and was soon offered an upgraded form and new identity as GOLDBUG.

The figure also comes with a brand-new comic book, IDW Shattered Glass Issue #4. Shattered Glass isn’t your average TRANSFORMERS tale… “Shards” is the story of the ongoing battle between the power-hungry AUTOBOT autocrats and the freedom-fighting DECEPTICON laborers. Fans canexplore this fractured alternate universe just before it shatters with cover art by Casey Coller and interior art by Dan Khana.

Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots…an upside-down world where the bad guys are good, and the good guys are bad. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic DECEPTICONS battle the evil AUTOBOTS. Fans can explore this topsy-turvy reality with the TRANSFORMERS Shattered Glass Collection, featuring classic characters with a twist! Look for other Shattered Glass figures to build the ultimate alternate universe collection (each sold separately, subject to availability). GOLDBUG is available for pre-order on

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