What if Luck is a resource to spend? Something that every person has and can use? The Unfortunates are born with no luck, but they are our last hope. Find out in Good Luck #1 by BOOM! Studios!


Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist: Stefano Simeone
Colorist: Stefano Simeone
Letterer: Mike Fiorentino
Editor: Jonathan Manning
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 23rd, 2021 

Previously in Good Luck #1: In 1989, the gods of Luck appeared suddenly in Little Kentucky, Ohio and changed everything. The appearances of the deity of Good Luck and the deity of Bad Luck have thrown the world into chaos. The only people who seem to be able to defy them are the Unfortunates, a group of people with no luck at all.


Good Luck #1 starts by showing us the day the world went into chaos. The god of Good Luck is a person with a boombox passing out luck while the god of Bad Luck is a women in the sky spreading misfortune. Then both gods’ fingers touch, and the world is thrown into chaos.

Thirty years later, Artemis is an optimistic kid who is part of the Unfortunates. Even when his music demo corrupts right before finishing, he still finds reasons to be happy. He heads to the Department of Luck and Probability and heads into a simulation. The other Unfortunates are already inside, and he rushes to catch up. Artie catches up with Cherry and Hilde who has almost reached the final objective, an egg. However, their fourth new member is missing. The trio rushes forward but do not reach their goal. Luckily, the new kid, Joseph, manages to touch an egg which ends the simulation.

Now that Unfortunates have finally succeeded in the simulation, they are tasked to do a real mission. They must retrieve the Kismet Core and save the world.


The first thing I was drawn too in Good Luck #1 was the group of kids in the Unfortunates. It follows a pretty standard four ensemble trope where Artie is an optimist, Hilde is a cynic, Cherry is the realist, and Joseph acts as a conflicted character. Which means that the writers have already set up a dynamic for the team to play off each other, Right from the bat, I have a strong sense of who each character is and how they view the situation. We start with the point of view of Artie who is so dynamic. He seems carefree but oddly aware of his position in the world. Hilde and Cherry are also aware of their role but don’t share that same enthusiasm that Artie has. Joseph just doesn’t understand what exactly is going on. If these characters continue to follow on these tropes, they will all be foils to each other while also increasing their individual character development. This is a recipe of a great ensemble cast.

I do not know if I truly get the setting of this book yet. There is a lot going on and I’m unsure if the Unfortunates are people who have no luck or just no good luck. I found myself looking for the answer and I couldn’t quite understand what makes the luck “quantifiable”. Maybe it will be something explored in the middle issues. Joseph may be a great point of view character to explore that.


The art is extremely dynamic that makes me intrigued by the storyline. This chaotic world features new shapes and the artist changes dimensions of the characters to match the chaotic environment. I think this will be an amazing series and something that appeal to my sense of narrative. Good Luck #1 is a 4.5 out of 5 for me. Great stuff here and looking forward to the next issue.

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Good Luck #1 (of 5)

Right up my Alley

Good Luck #1 sets up an interesting and complex world with a diverse cast of characters, which is the right recipe to be a great miniseries!

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