With all the discussion this week about the bedroom habits of Gothamites, I’ve been considering something much more interesting: The culinary skills of our fictional friends.  During the reboot Legion of Super-Heroes, Tenzil (Matter-Eater Lad) Kem was the team’s official chef, but I question the decision to have a man to whom a hunk of stone might taste good as your cook.  On the other hand, Batman obviously has NO idea what makes for good food, as he likely applies a food-as-fuel approach to everything.  Superman probably knows how to grill, being a Kansas boy, while Green Arrow mistakes intense heat for flavor, leading to today’s Food Network query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) suspects that my answer is going to be either Ma Hunkel of the Justice Society or Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four (who clearly had Reed make him some special spatulas), asking: Which fictional character would be the BEST cook?


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  1. Condiment King. He knows how to perfectly grill those hotdogs and hamburgers that the condiments are going on.

  2. I feel like most comic characters would destroy the kitchen (if not the whole block) in the cooking process, so you’re just gonna have to make peace with that.

    Any aliens might be out of the running. What looks and tastes good to them might not agree with (or might just kill) the rest of us.

    Maybe someone from a mythical/fantasy background, like a Thor or a Wonder Woman would have a pretty decent grasp at whipping together a decent feast that would be recognizable to us mortals, and also taste correspondingly good.

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