Writer Omar Morales and artist Joel Cotejar are launching The Lunar Ladies at Scout Comics in July.

WRITER – Omar Morales (CruZader, Major Thomás)
ARTIST – Joel Cotejar (Moon Girl, POM)
COLORS – Paula Goulart (Moon Girl)
LETTERS – Jaymes Reed (Awake, Denver Moon, CruZader)
EDITOR – Andrea Lorenzo Molinari (The Shepherd)
COPY EDITOR – Joel Edelman (CruZader)
The story opens with a heated ray gun battle between Queen Velouria and a lunatic scientist named Venus Verga. Velouria flees to prehistoric Earth with her lover, Star, and her young daughter, Clare. Velouria bestows the moon’s greatest treasure to Clare – a powerful talisman that must stay in the possession of the royal bloodline.

Mad with bloodlust, Venus gives chase with an army of bio-engineered male clones that land on prehistoric Earth. This sets the stage for an epic conflict between Venus’ army and a rag-tag coalition of lunar ladies, prehistoric humans and native Earth animals. In the time of greatest need, Clare harnesses the power of the moonstone talisman to deliver a crushing blow to Venus’ forces.

“The Lunar Ladies is a love letter to the golden age, public domain character, Moon Girl, who is the central figure of this ray-guns-and-laser-rays Sci-Fi story,” said Omar Morales in a press release from Scout COmics. “Back when I cross promoted this book with Charlie Stickney’s White Ash on Kickstarter, I never imagined we’d hook up again as creator and publisher at Scout Comics. I couldn’t be more thrilled that this title found a home with a publisher that loves indie comics as much as I do! Pew! Pew!”

via Scout Comics


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