If my local grocery store is any indication, Girl Scout Cookie season is about to wrap up.  As someone who grew up with multiple Scout sisters, I have Serious Opinions about the merits of the various treats available.  A life-long fan of the peanut-butter sandwich cookies (which were once called Savannas in my home territory), I also like the Lemonades and the Caramel Delites, but cannot fathom the popularity of the Shortbread cookie.  I also miss the Cranberry Citrus cookies from decades past, and enjoyed the baked cheddar crackers known as Golden Yangles, which I think is a euphemism, leading us to today’s fresh-baked query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has also decided to remove Thin Mints from the equation, because everybody loves a Thin Mint, and encourage international Spoilerites to substitute your general favorite biscuit, asking: If you can’t choose Thin Mints, which Girl Scout Cookie is the best?


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  1. Considering that North of the border we only have 3 to choose from : white, chocolate, or chocolate mint, you are severely limiting me by removing the best one.
    So if i had to choose between the white and the chocolate I would go with chocolate.
    At least that is all I have ever seen up here.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    First choice is always Samoas, with their chocolate goodness tying together the chewy caramel and crispy coconut into a pleasingly scrumptious mouthful.

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