After nearly fifteen years at Major Spoilers, I sometimes think that I’m immune to hype, but then I hear about an exciting new project and I start plotzing.  On the other hand, by the time we had entered our second year of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’, I was officially over anything even vaguely related to the Dark Multiverse, even if it was something I felt like I should enjoy.  The feeling of being overhyped is one that everyone can understand, even if we feel it at different times for different properties, leading to today’s ubiquitous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is so tired of hearing about a certain director’s cut of a certain superhero film that I’m having allergic reactions to Darkseid, asking: What bit of pop culture do you feel is the most overhyped?


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  1. hooooooo boy. there’s a micron-thin line between “overrated” and “i just don’t like it and that’s just like, my opinion, man,” and i feel like almost every instance where people call something “overrated” are just people being contrarian.

    rating things in general is subjective, no matter whose opinion is being given, and there’s already so much existential conflict in my real life that i don’t feel like getting into a days-long war of words with strangers on a screen because somebody doesn’t like a thing i like, or i don’t like a thing someone else likes.

    that said, i never really got the hype around Doctor Who. getting onboard during the most recent hype train of the Tenant/Smith era because various friends felt various ways about gangly quirky british men, it always felt like a kids’ show playing at being something more, so there we go. but far be it for li’l ol’ me to stop you from enjoying what you enjoy.

    the weeping angels one was pretty fun, but it was basically a palette-swapped X-Files episode that most diehards seem to hate.

  2. Pop culture by its very nature IS “overhype” that pretty much sums up what Pop Culture is. if it is part of pop culture it is going to be overhyped.
    Something more specific nowadays I would choose Comic Movies. The genre is not just over hyped right now but over saturated and that will eventually lead to a massive pull back .
    As for something even more specific. I would say Harley Quinn. over the last few years I see her everywhere.

  3. Jarmo Seppänen on

    Nothing compares to big budget video games. They announce that stuff like 7 years early, people build their 3000 bucks computers and cosplay sets and, in wort case scenario, their identity around that preorder hype. Turns out game is quite ordinary, by the numbers product or a barely working mess.

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