Welcome to Helm Greycastle: a fantasy reimagining of the Mexica/Aztec world! Come join a group of heroes as they look for the abducted last dragon prince in Helm Greycastle #1 by Image Comics! 


Writer: Henry Barajas
Artist: Rahmat M. Handoko
Colorist: Bryan Valenza
Letterer: Gabriela Downie
Editor: Elena Salcedo and Claire Napier
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 28th, 2021 

Previously in Helm Greycastle: Helm Greycastle features a world where a Mexica/Aztec empire radiated from the Mexico Valley. It incorporated many cultures and is steeped in their beliefs of the gods and the order of the world. Our heroes maneuver through this world. They include Helm Greycastle, the leader, Shava, an Elven Bard, Oskar Frostbeard, a passionate dwarf, Vola, an orc fighter, and Enxina, a magic user. Check out this new fantasy miniseries by Image Comics!


Helm Greycastle and his team are fighting against a horde of undead and trying to steal a scroll. Once Oskar is able to grab the parchment, Shavar teleports them to Palo Mesa. Enxina then takes the scroll and uses it to heal Feng, an orc who was hired to guide the last dragon prince, Uadjit. However, he was attacked and knocked out cold by giant cat people. Oskar is determined to rescue Uadjit, but Helm is determined to stay with his daughter. His party convinces him that there will be no safe place for them if they leave the dragon prince to his death. Helm and Vola say goodbye to their child and head to battle.

Meanwhile in New Tenochtitlan, the gods are arguing what to do with the dragon prince and this place seems steeped in politics and political maneuvering. However, there is a man who wants to keep the child alive, Xiuhtecuhtli who brings the heat. Luckily, our heroes are able to fight their way through many forces and arrives to meet him in the city.


Helm Greycastle #1 is a neat story and I’m sad that we are only getting four issues of this. We get a world that feels very real but not a lot of time to explore it. We get glimpses of what each character is all about, but we don’t get a depth nor the reasoning for their motivations. I already love this series though. I love seeing a new culture on the page to explore and the narrative arc seems well planned, albeit at a fast pace. Even though I’m only one issue in, I feel rather invested in this team and I want to see them win. Because at the end of the day, they are doing the right thing. Or at least what we assume is the right thing.

It seems like children and the future is going to play a big part in this story. We see Helm and Vola’s daughter who says a teary goodbye to her parents. While I wonder if this foreshadows anything, it makes me think there is going to be an emphasis on making her future better. The last dragon prince is also very young. Though he doesn’t get a lot of page time, he seems to have a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. I wonder how our heroes will pave the way for them.


The art and writing in Helm Greycastle #1 are well done. They seem to only be limited to the fact that this is a miniseries. Four issues doesn’t seem like enough time to explore this world fully. And I want to explore the world because the high concept is great. Helm Greycastle #1 is a 4.5 out of 5 for me and a high recommendation for people who enjoy the fantasy genre. 

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Helm Greycastle #1 (of 4)

Great High Concept

Helm Greycastle presents us with a brand new world influenced by Mexica/Aztec world culture! Great new work with a good cast of characters.

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