This week, I accidentally ran into a showing of ‘Obvious Child’, a Jenny Slate movie from a few years ago.  Being an SNL nerd since the ’80s, I only remembered Jenny as the woman who reputedly got fired for throwing the F-bomb on live television, but the movie was sweet, funny and most of all, awkward.  Her portrayal of Donna, a comedienne facing an unexpected pregnancy, is my newest pop culture crush, catching a sweet spot that’s usually taken by characters played by Ashley Williams or jennifer Lawrence.  Of course, the ending is cute as heck, too, leading to today’s adorbs query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to remind Faithful Spoilerites that this is about fictional people, and not which actor has best abs, because Chris Evans exists, asking: Who is your most wholesome pop culture crush?


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  1. i remember answering Kaylee Frye for a similar QOTD not long ago, and Kaylee remains unchallenged. any other character is welcome to try, tho

    • oof. that’s a real “art vs. artist” situation. if i was a more optimistic person, i’d say something like “tv characters are the collaborative effort of writers, directors, costume designers, as well as the actor,” but at the end of the day you still have to watch that person’s face saying and doing things, and separating the terrible real-life person from the great character really depends on the viewer.

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