They were the jewels in the crown of ’80’s Rankin/Bass.  They were animal-themed superhumans.  They had bizarre and unfathomable capitalizations.  But when it comes to comparison, the question of ThunderCats or SilverHawks is a tough one for me.  Since I didn’t watch their shows and the comics were aimed at audiences younger than me, I’ve had to build my expectations based on adult consumption of child’s media.  On the one hand, I like space adventure more than fantasy type stuff, but I’m feel like big cats are more interesting than big birds.  So, I pose the ThunderCats or SilverHawks questions to you, the Faithful Spoilerites, as today’s anthropomorphic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) honestly wishes that they’d done a third series with serpents, maybe something in the ocean, maybe callin’ it SeaSnakes or WaterMoccasins, asking: ThunderCats or SilverHawks?


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  1. Gordon Utley Jr on

    I was really into both series as a kid, but Thundercats was my things. I think it was because I had the Thundercats toys and never even saw any Silverhawks toys. And there was a third series called TigerSharks in which the heroes would jump into a tank and be transformed into fish people.

  2. SilverHawks by a very small margin. They had a magician silver hawk from the future in a few episodes who I still think about to this day.

    • StellarLeader on

      I think those were two different characters actually. I know Flashback was the one that came from the future and I forgot the magician’s name, but I’m sure he was a different character

  3. StellarLeader on

    SilverHawks are cool and I learned a lot about astronomy thanks to Copper Kid’s quiz, but the ThunderCats are more varied and the lore of their universe is way more elaborated. I like that.
    So my vote goes to Lion-O and company

  4. Jarmo Seppänen on

    I missed both of these back then, so its close. I’d say Thundercats, because Silverhawks remind me bit of budget Science ninja Team Gachaman clones.

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