The Rangers go undercover, but a familiar face is waiting in the shadows.  Your Major Spoilers review of Power Rangers #5 from BOOM! Studios awaits!


Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Francesco Mortarino with Simona di Gianfelice
Colorist: Raul Angulo with Jose Enrique Fernandez
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Dafna Pleban
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 24, 2021

Previously in Power RangersThe New Power Rangers are attacked by the young assassin known as Astronema!  Meanwhile, Lord Drakkon and Trini face off against one of the greatest Power Rangers villains ever… with a shocking conclusion!


With their ship scuttled for lack of a power converter, and Tosche Station far, far away, Zack and Jason go undercover on Planet Onyx, a entire world of scum and villainy.  In the hopes of buying a converter, they make their way to the local saloon, where they strike up a conversation and end up playing cards against a creep named Fendrick Prot.  While Zack bets against the alien to win the equipment they need, Trini and Xi are repairing their ship, while Lord Drakkon hangs around and twirls his mustache.  Drakkon and Trini actually have a meaningful conversation, though, as she asks why Drakkon did what he did.  When he responds, she doesn’t believe him, but he reminds her that he IS Tommy Oliver: “Put him in the right situation, I am literally what he is capable of.”  Back in the bar, things turn ugly as Astronema arrives to murder the Rangers, blowing their cover and, somewhat more pressingly, trying to slice them to bits.  That’s how they end up in jail, while the crew of the ship gets an unexpected visit.


As the issue ends, Ecliptor (the second most powerful villain from ‘Power Rangers In Space”) has come to Trini and Xi for help, but he seems to be carrying one of the Quasar Sabers that should have empowered one of those later Rangers.  This issue is actually full of references to that season and ‘Lost Galaxy’, from the bar on Onyx to Astronema herself, with an appearance of SPD from an even later season for good measure.  This issue’s story is a fun respite from the more serious storylines that have been dominating this comic from the beginning, with some levity (though not quite silliness) that feels like it’s been missing.  Mortarino once again delivers dynamic art, even in moments where we’re not seeing big fights and action, and I especially enjoy his take on Astronema.  A confrontation in an SPD jail cell between Zack and Astronema shows that she is still as morally ambiguous as she was in the show, and her subtle facial expressions make it clear that he has hit a nerve when he questions whose side she’s really on.


When you take all into account, Power Rangers #5 is a strong issue, steeped in Ranger lore, and one that once again proves that no Power Ranger will ever successfully pull off an undercover mission, but at least it’s an entertaining story with good-looking art, earning 3.5 out of 5 stars overall.  But why does Ecliptor have a Quasar Sabre?  And is this an alternate timeline of PR: In Space?  I’ll only know when I come back next issue.

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Where's Ponda Baba?

The "aliens in a bar" trope makes for a fun issue full of conflict and tense interactions, with Trini and Drakkon having some long-overdue conversation and an ending that promises something different next time around.

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