Silver Age DC is noteworthy for giving nearly every one of the major super-heroes a gorilla foe, be it Titano, Grodd, Giganta or the Mod Gorilla Boss of Gotham City.  I think only Green Lantern lacked a great ape to fight, but his main enemy looked like David Niven and a a summer squash had offspring, so it’s kind of a wash.  The Legion of Super-Pets has young Beppo (weirdly the only Kryptonian super-animal who DOESN’T rock an S-shield somewhere), while the Marvel Universe has Ken Hale, The Gorilla Man, as well as the super-ape companions of The Red Ghost. Even Super Sentai has a couple of gorillas in their Blue Ranger ranks, leading to today’s sub-Saharan query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would blame the whole thing on Congorilla, but thinks it’s actually probably the fault of Julie Schwartz, asking: What marvelous monkey and/or ape is the best Super Simian of all?


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  1. I’d say Kong as well, but not the kaiju.

    I’m talking Donkey Kong (not the original, but the one from DK Country and onwards).

    Strong enough to punch the moon out of orbit, but chill enough to not have to (except for that one time).

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