It is a nice day for the theater. Liberty Springs has been taken over by a group of outlaws, but two mysterious strangers suddenly arrive on the scene! Find out what happens in Midnight Western Theatre #1 by Scout Comics! 



Writer: Louis Southard
Artist: David Hahn
Colorist: Ryan Cody
Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin
Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Publisher: Scout Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 17th, 2021 

Previously in Midnight Western Theatre: Welcome to a new series from Scout Comics that features monsters, outlaws, and the wild wild west! 


The Wild West is a dangerous place. The outlaw Red Tom has taken over Liberty Springs, finally killing the Sheriff and the last of the children. The only person alive the bartender who is left to serve Red Tom and his crew. However, the city has two newcomers, Ortensia and Alexander. As they enter the, Alexander seems to have some sort of thirst that needs to be quench. Red Tom seems to be offended by their presence and shoots Alex in the face. This causes Ortensia to throw a lantern on the ground and light the building on fire. Red Tom and Ortensia runs to the second floor and fight while the rest of Red Tom’s crew looks for water.  

Alexander stands up from death and gets shot by Red Tom’s crew. He reveals his fangs and finally finds people to satisfy his thirst. Meanwhile, Ortensia is overwhelmed by Red Tom. Right before she is shot, she whistles and calls her skeleton horse to knock Red Tom down. Then she takes her pistol and shoots him. 


I read this title and thought this was more of a murder mystery type book with maybe a supernatural creature. The mystery, however, seems to be more about who are two main characters seem to be and how they became what they are. Which is engaging, but I think the title implies something else. Once I figured how the story I was reading, I shifted the tropes I was expecting. This is a decent supernatural story that had a pleasant hook. However, I felt we got more characterization of Red Tom who died in this issue rather than the main characters. Ortensia seems to be a hero who is willing to “bring justice” or “do the right thing”. However, I don’t know much more besides that. This hooks me into the next issue, but I need more to be sold on the series. 


Scout Comics have been putting out a lot of good books recently. Enough so that if I see a title from them that looks interesting, I will pick it up. This is a quality book that has a lot of potential and if this is your genre of choice, pick it up. 4 out of 5 for me for Midnight Western Theatre.  

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Midnight Western Theatre #1

Not a Bad Start

Supernatural creatures meets the wild west! Good premise and an engaging start.

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