And now we come to the final round of March Nerdery, where we separate the adults from the younger folks all the while opining whether an Amazon is better than a super-powered dog.  i’m gonna be honest here, I don’t think that this last round should even be a competition and Diana and Shoeshine should just go hang out, share cape tips and maybe discuss the latest superhero gossip.  There’s no reason to fight, there’s no need to fear, because all the world is waiting for you and the magic that you do.  Still, we started this tournament by accident, and we’ll end it the same way, leading to today’s peace-loving query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks maybe they’d enjoy some nice cappucino and perhaps a coffee cake, asking: Wonder Woman Or Underdog?


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  1. I call discrimination on this battle.
    Wonder Woman has had to go through 3 previous battles to get here but the dog has only had 1 (or did I miss something) not fair I say!!!. She is gonna be tired by now……
    and if this is the ‘Final Battle’ as you say then Wonder Woman. Because:(who couldn’t see this coming) George Perez!! love the man … love his art…. love the characterization he did for the her…. oh and Gal Gadot.
    She has gone up against Superman….. she can take on a singing dog with a cape.
    But I do have to agree they would most likely go have some fun rather than doin any battlin.

  2. boy. a lot of valid arguments for Underdog. i’m definitely of the idea that WW and Underdog would end up hanging out at the park trying that new-fangled iced cream Diana’s been all about lately, much to the chagrin of Polly Pureheart or whatever her name is.

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