With this week’s cinematic Avenger Vs. Justice League comparisons, we’ve had arguments nuanced (Lynda Carter), less nuanced (red suspenders) and creator-centric, but today we really hit the crux of the matter.  Two heroes who get mocked for their powers or the lack thereof, each of whom got high-profile reworkings around the time of their film debuts, with at least one of them being my wife’s celebrity crush.  Will it be the man with the trident or the man with the bow?  The one whose family is hidden in the plains or the ones whose relatives are mostly underwater? It’s a tough call that most people wouldn’t want to make, leading us to today’s sharp-and-pointy query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) loves Jason Momoa’s take on Arthur Curry, but is a huge fan of Hawkeye dating back to the 1980s and the debut of the West Coast Avengers, asking: Aquaman or Hawkeye?


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  1. boy, i missed a whole week of this or that’s.

    Aquaman (especially the Brave and the Bold version) might be a little too much sometimes, but you know you’re gonna end up with a great rousing story. Hawkeye, you might end up with a great story, but you also might get beaten to death by a bunch of russian mobsters in an alleyway.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Hawkeye in the MCU is interests me, despite my lukewarm feelings for Jeremy Renner.

    Aquaman was actively forgettable to me, even while I was watching it, despite my general joy for Jason Momoa as an actor.

    Hawkeye has tricked the Grandmaster and felled the Hulk. Aquaman couldn’t even convince fish to not eat his hand.

  3. This is one where the human factor comes into play for me. I have always found Aquaman to be too disconnected from humanity to be of any real interest. In almost any iteration there almost seems to be a sort of disdain for humanity… or anything else for that matter with some of the portrayals. And even though I did enjoy the Aquaman movie(no really I did) I would favour Hawkeye. He seems to be much more grounded to reality even in a world of superheroes, and I have always been a little partial to archers. Although there have been times that I questioned the way he was being handled in the comics. Personally I would take Hawkeye as a mentor before AquaMan.
    TLDNR Hawkeye.

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