There are a lot of cynics in the world who want their comics to be grim and realistic and dark and full of angst.  To those people, I wish only the best.  As a counterpoint, I present: The Supermobile!  Created by Superman to allow him to operate in environments full of Kryptonite or under a red sun, including a pair of fully articulated hands for grasping and punching.  It even has his logo on the hood (on his planet, it stands for Hemi), making for a great marketing opportunity and leading to today’s armored query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to actually have the toy, but it was left behind during a move once, asking: The Supermobile: Great Idea?  Or THE GREATEST Idea?


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  1. If you are McFarland Toys (or who ever owns the license), it’s the greatest idea … until a the next great idea comes along.

  2. Great memories of this one. I have one! Try eBay Matthew. That’s where I got min for around $20. I had to compare a few but this one was in the best shape, the arms were still working, and the ‘S’ decals were still in place (although a little faded) on the back rudder but the nose one was missing. I owned one when I was younger and couldn’t believe I found one to buy.

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