Though the fiery hero dates all the way back to the Golden Age and the Human Torch, the most successful uses of the ice hero trope are from the Silver Age and later.  Bobby Drake of the X-Men is a big sixties example, while Tora Olafsdotter of the Justice League plied her frozen trade in the 1980s.  Even the Legion of Super-Heroes gets in on the action, with Brek Bannin, former reject turned team leader, leading to today’s polar vortex query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is just trying to help justify the negative -20 degree temperatures that I’m currently living in with some happy distractions, asking: What cold-powered character most makes you think that ice is nice?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Snow Miser. He helped bring Christmas to Southtown and save Santa. That there’s a bit of John Pertwee in his appearance doesn’t hurt, either.

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