Fair Warning: I have not yet seen the third episode of ‘WandaVision.’  But I’m extremely enamored of how well the creators nailed the set and tone of first ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ and then ‘Bewitched’ in their first two episodes.  If I were a betting man, I’d expect to see more classic sitcom sets appearing, which makes me wonder which would be most apropos.  The Brady Bunch house?  The mansion from ‘Charles In Charge?’  The rent-controlled apartment from ‘Friends?’  The mind boggles, and since I haven’t seen the third episode to see if it breaks the format, I can even hope that they get to the 2000s and the loft from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, leading to today’s query, a Filmways presentation…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to see the Evan’s apartment from ‘Good Times’, but realizes that it won’t fit the themes of the show, asking: What classic sitcom would you most like to see homaged on WandaVision?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    They seem to be moving from decade to decade, so ep. 4 would be an 80’s sitcom, probably one of the many family-based ones. (Family Ties? Full House? Growing Pains? Would they risk a Cosby Show?)

    Despite a family-based sitcom being the likely course, a part of me would like to see a Cheers Sam/Diane take with the main characters, followed by a Frasier take after a move across country. Unlikely, but there you go.

    If I had to pick family-centered ones, I’d go with Who’s the Boss for the 80’s, Everybody Loves Raymond for the 90s, How I Met Your Mother for the 00s, and/or Arrested Development for the 00s/10s.

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