Now that we’re entering the fifteenth year of “Dark Nights: Metal“, I’ve given up trying to fight the endless waves of evil Batmans.  Bat-Mage?  Sure!  Bat-Doomsday?  Sure.  Bat-Mantis?  Heck, yeah.  Literally any villain can be a Batman now, from Clock King to The Ringer to Davey The Happy Pumpkin, but which of them does the best job of capturing the Bat-mystique?  That question gets more complicated with every minute, as Bad Batman is now a cottage industry, leading to today’s scalloped-cape query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still loves Earth-712’s Nighthawk, who fought his own team BEFORE it was cool, losing his life to redeem his Squadron Supreme teammates, asking: Which twisted shadow of Bruce Wayne is the BEST evil Batman?


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  1. If we’re going DC only, i feel like the Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman is pretty close. Batman honestly doesn’t need much of a nudge to go “evil,” and i think the worst of batman can be embodied in a gun-toting, murder-is-cool, punisher-style vigilante that’s fully given in to his anger and thirst for vengeance. Justice might be a by-product of his vengeance, but the vengeance comes first, and the ease with which Bruce could slip into punisher mode horribly disappointing to think about.

    If we’re doing bat-analogues from any publisher, that asshole from Nemesis is up there. I hated that comic with the fury of a thousand suns, so i guess mark millar did his job. Just awful, crass and gross. Zack Snyder must love it.

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