Peter Parker got the powers of a spider.  Takeshi Hongo got the powers of a grasshopper.  Seth Brundle got the powers of a fly.  It didn’t go as well for him.  Hundreds of heroes throughout history, from 1941’s Fly-Man to 1963’s Wasp to 2017’s Red Locust have the powers of insects, but which would be the most useful?  An unbreakable carapace?  Powerful pincers?  Wings?  The mind boggles, especially when you figure that you could also get some extra legs out of the deal, leading to today’s antennaed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would probably want to be some sort of moth, maybe one of the ones that’s poisonous, asking: What member of class Arthropoda would you most like to have the insect powers of?


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  1. Probably a centipede. It’s a pretty decent power set despite not having the cache of being a spider-person, or a wasp or beetle.

    You get relatively decent speed/agility and wall-crawling abilities, adequate armor plating as long as you don’t take a direct hit (like a giant boot), some form of venomous pincer attack, enough strength and leverage to take down a mouse, or something that much proportionately larger than you (DO NOT LOOK THAT UP ON YOUTUBE, IT’S HORRENDOUS)….also you get the fear and intimidation factor, because show me a person who at least doesnt get initially freaked out at a centipede blazing across the floor.

  2. Horseshoe Crab. Hard shell, underwater breathing, blue blood, mistaken for crustaceans…
    Either that or a Trilobite, because fossils.

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