As the flagship hero of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man has long been a key player in that world.  As such, his red-and-black (or red-and-blue, depending on the colorist) uniform was immutable for nearly 20 years.  Once the black symbiote suit appeared, though, Spidey began changing his costume on a regular basis, with a number of special mission suits, a stealth costume and even a couple of ARMORED suits.  In recent years, he has even worn multiple costumes during the same era, as when he wore his white Future Foundation suit in team-ups while his red-and-black togs were still on display in his own books.  If you take into account alternative versions, one-shots and in-jokes, as seen in PS4 ‘Spider-Man’, he might even have more costume variations than Batman, which leads us to today’s uniform query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still has a deep love for the web-armpits, but also loves the ;Bombastic Bag-Man’ costume that he was forced to wear after the first Venom incident, asking: Which of Spider-Man’s looks is the coolest of all?


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  1. Jarmo Seppänen on

    Red and dark blue, with armpit webbing but still kinda slim an sleek like modern. Maybe McFarlane would be the closest. Black is a very close second, it was one of the best redesigns ever.

  2. yeah, the McFarlane “red/black with blue highlights” suit is hard to beat. still really clean and recognizable as Spidey, with the giant eyes that cover almost the entire sides of his face. that’s how i tend to draw him.

    and as much as i rip on how poorly the 90’s aged, the 2099 suit still slaps. i know that wasn’t Peter, but it was a pretty great suit design.

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