The Power Pack needs a mentor, thankfully they find one who can teach them how to properly fight crime, use their powers, and the basics of turbine based energy production.  Your Major Spoilers review of Power Pack #2, awaits!


Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Nico Leon
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Editor: Sarah Brunstad
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 30th, 2020

Previously in Power Pack: The team has come back together and they’re ready to fight crime again.  Unfortunately their first adventure has delivered them right into the hands of C.R.A.D.L.E. who’s more than willing to put the cuffs on the teenage superheroes.


Power Pack #2 opens up with the team arguing with the C.R.A.D.L.E. officers who are trying to arrest them.  They make a few unsuccessful arguments before a hero named Agent Aether arrives and offers his mentorship, which negates C.R.A.D.L.E.’s ability to arrest them.  The officers are undeterred until Julie uses some legalese to get the team out of hot water.  Afterwards the team decides they do need a mentor but are unsure about Agent Aether.  They then travel around the Marvel Universe trying to convince someone to be their mentor.  Eventually they have no choice but to turn to Agent Aether.  He happily accepts them as his mentees and then informs them that he’ll teach them how to use their powers to, provide cheap electricity to impoverished people around the world.


There’s no shortage of books that are trying to be funny or poke fun at themselves, but so few of them actually hit the mark.  What makes Ryan North’s approach so well done is that it’s not done just for the sake of being funny, he uses the comedy to say something.  In this case, the jokes are used to talk about real world philosophy about crime, class inequality, and the reality of vigilantism, all without having to get into heavy handedness or soap box standing.  Just about everything about this book manages to land.  From jokes like, asking Lady Sif about Frog Thor, or the extra elaboration after Agent Aether claims to stand for “The American Way”, to a sincere and pleasant narration from Alex, to the twist that was telegraphed through the whole issue, Power Pack #2 is a well written comic book.  Also, credit for utilizing the ongoing Outlawed plot points to lead into something unique to this title.


Power Pack #2 justifies its place in the Outlawed event, but not by being directly integrated with the plot, but by using the events of the event to lead into something special to this title.  That thing just happens to also be a smart, funny, and oddly poignant sentiment that was unexpected. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Power Pack #2

Excellent Issue

Power Pack #2 is an excellent issue that manages to be entertaining, funny, and intelligent without being pretentious. Come for the Outlawed tie-in, stay for the power plant explanation.

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