If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet, you know that there are vocal hatreds for every single thing in the world, from Wesley Crusher to Don Heck to The Sixth Doctor.  All three of those things are harshly over-criticized, by the way, but few fires of rage burn hotter than the flames of dislike for the use of the font called Comic Sans.  I admit to disliking the look of it myself, and I’m quite tired of people explaining to me that it’s derived from the lettering of ‘Watchmen’ and ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, as if the popularity of those stories somehow overcomes a purely aesthetic preference.  Interestingly, my daughter’s teacher informed me that it’s a popular choice in schools because the construction of letters (specifically the vowels “a” and “e”) is the construction that they are teaching the children, making it useful regardless of Comic Sans hate.  Still, this is the Internet, so you can’t confuse issues with mere facts, leading us to today’s hand-written query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) isn’t a font snob, but knows a few (*coughOtterDisastercough*) and realizes that the image for today is making temples throb, asking: Do you share in the popular Comic Sans hate?


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  1. i’m apathetic to it, and i’m saying that as a graphic designer. it was originally designed to split the difference between a clean serif font and something more handwritten, to relax readers’ eyes and be more legible for younger and/or dyslexic readers. i personally don’t use it, but reading up on the rationale behind its creation made me soften my feelings toward it. it’s sorta like finding out Guy Fieri does a lot of charity work, you can’t really hate on him as much after finding that out.

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