The weirdest part of Super President was the fact that he managed to keep his secret identity as the President secret while using the nom de guerre of Super President.  Still, as far as fictional depictions of a politician hero goes, President James Norcross is at least on the idealistic side of the spectrum.  As with spy stories, most modern stories involving political figures are full of corruption and self-dealing, reflecting our more cynical society, but there are still a few (like President Superman) who reflect old-school heroics.  Heck, even Mayor Mike Haggar got in on the act, as did his Star City counterpart, Oliver Queen, leading to today’s action politician query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would probably go with Mitch Hundred, the fictional mayor of New York from ‘Ex Machina’, asking: Which fictional elected official is the top politician hero?


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  1. I’ve always wondered what city council meetings are like when The Big Red Machine is your mayor, so I’ll go with Kane.

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