Recently, without warning, I turned on my television to see Freakazoid! teaming up with the Teen Titans Go!  It was a shocking moment for me, since I don’t really watch TTG as a rule, and most people don’t even remember the ’90’s cartoon magic of Dexter D any more.  Of course, a lot of animated programs of the era are due for a return, what with the DuckTales resurgence, making me expect to see a new ‘Magic School Bus’ or ‘Rugrats’ episode.  Of course, since I never liked that last one, regardless of the pedigree or Tara Strong, it’ll probably end up being next, leading us to today’s Discman query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is waiting for more ‘Justice Friends’ but NOT more ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, asking: Which 90s cartoon favorite is most overdue for a return?


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  1. Jarmo Seppänen on

    Harvey Birdman was 2000, so its kinda hard to come up with anything I’d really, actually want and hasn’t been done recently. Maybe a good Legend of Zelda cartoon, or a shared Nintendo characters thing, like Captain N.

  2. aside from the perennials that just happened to have huge cartoons in the 90’s like X-Men, Batman, TMNT, etc., the one specifically 90’s property i’d love to come back is Ren & Stimpy. R&S were a huge creative influence for me, but unfortunately their creator (and as far as i know, the sole owner of the rights) is a terrible, terrible person. so it’s probably never gonna happen without his involvement, or some amount of money going into his pocket. it’s a shame.

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