In retrospect, it was Terra’s demise that lit the fuse.  Once she died tragically at her own hand, the gloves were off and dramatic Teen Titan deaths became the norm.  Add in the built-in angst at the deaths of teens/young adults, and it became that norm that becoming a Teen Titan meant a 60/40 chance of becoming a dead Teen Titan.  Kole, Danny Chase, Pantha, Conner Kent, both Doves, Kid Devil, even founding members Wonder Girl and Aqualad have bitten the metaphorical dust, not to mention all the maimings, the character assassination of Hawk and whatever that was with Kid Eternity.  The heroic life is rough on a Titan, leading to today’s junior sidekick query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) counts Killowat, Prestor Jon, Battalion and Nightrider, who were wiped from the timelines, as well as the poor Protector, who deserved better than ‘Heroes In Crisis’, asking: Which dead Teen Titan had do you feel had the most untapped potential?


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