As a child born in 1970, I vividly remember when the Boba Fett action figures became available in stores.  (No, they didn’t have firing rockets.)  I actually got the 12″ Boba action figure for Christmas one year and it was a fave-rave toy for some time, thanks to his cool armor.  Indeed, Boba’s reputation among fans seems to be based mostly on that visual, as he doesn’t really do much during the canonical movies of the trilogy. Din Djarin, the titular Mandalorian has already had many more impressive adventures in his solo series, but the choice between Din Djarin or Boba Fett is still a loaded one, leading to today’s helmeted query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) like Boba’s color scheme better, but can’t argue the coolness of the all-silver look that Mando rocks, asking: Who has the cooler ritual armor: Din Djarin or Boba Fett?


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  1. Robin Gonzales on

    I would love to pick which one has the cooler armor, I really would. Sharing looks fresh befitting his status as a new mando’s, but Fett is clearly battle damaged meaning he is seasons and you can tell by looking at him….

    I will side step and say the Armorer. Normally I would hate a feathered neck, but that suit pulls it off.

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