As we enter the last leg of the Halloween season, some of our favorite traditions won’t get to be a part of 2020’s festivities.  But, we’ll always have candy.  For my money, you can’t beat a Snickers with almond (once known as a Mars bar) or a nice bag of sour gummies, but the sheer number of sweets out there mean that everybody has their own fave-raves.  We also get to pick our personal worst candy, which for me would have a number of candidates, from the Bit-O-Honeys that attack my fillings to the weird buttons on a paper strip to the horror of black licorice jellybeans.  Actually, there’s one worse than all of those, leading us to today’s polyunsaturated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like you to know, it’s candy corn.  It will always be candy corn for me, but you get your own call, asking: What sweet is the WORST candy of them all?


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  1. those damn dots that come stuck on a roll of paper, you end up with more paper than candy in your mouth when you try to rip one off the roll. and the candy itself doesn’t even taste like anything distinctive.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Mary Jane candy. It’s tough on your teeth like a Bit-O-Honey with a flavor that somehow finds a way to make peanut butter and molasses unpalatable.

  3. Benjamin Harris on

    Most any candy that is made with artificial Grape flavoring is on my list. Malted milk balls (like Whoppers) are pretty nasty, too.
    The wife says anything with Hazelnuts in it, like Ferrero Roche, get her vote.
    The candy unpopular opinion for me is Necco Wafers. I LOVE Neccos, though it seems to be considered pretty bad by many.

    • oh man, ferrero roche’s chased with a mug of black coffee is fantastic. probably awful for me, but fantastic. same with malt balls, actually.

      i don’t mind whoppers and malt balls either. an ex of mine actually made a really great non-alcoholic Guinness using a bit of malt drink mix (your ovaltines and whatnot) and ginger ale.

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