Thanks to Legion Clubhouse, I’ve been able to revisit my 80s affection for the character of Dawnstar.  Though some elements of her backstory are unfortunate in hindsight (the Native American stereotyping hits far too many point of unfortunate implication) she’s a strong character with a cool giant white winged visual, and was one of the female Legionnaires who got in on the fighty-fighty alongside the likes of Ultra Boy and Mon-El.  She was also the dominant half of one of the best doomed romances of The Legion, which made her even more endearing, in spite of her truly execrable taste in costumes.  Even by the Legion’s weird future fashion standards, Dawny had it bad, with weird fringe and lacing, a lemon-yellow color scheme that never quite meshed with the aboriginal influences, and truly ri-DONK-ulous amounts of cleavage that combined to make me hate the costume most of the time.  Any one of these costume elements could be okay, but boobs, banana-color AND buckskin ends up being too much alliteration, leading us to today’s ‘eyes-up-here’ query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually has several good Legion costume examples, but also has the same issue with most of the rags that Storm of the X-men wears, asking: What character do you really love, but hate the costume?


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  1. A tough one. Good costume is usually a prerequisite for me to like a character in the first place. Maybe Martian Manhunter could use some redesign that actually sticks. Keep the straps though, its the only element that needs to be these besides cloak.

  2. Along the lines of Malone’s comments, I have a hard time with “topless costumes” like Martian Manhunter’s and Hawkman’s. It pushes the lints of my credibility to believe that a superhero who only basically wears pants would do that.

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