I know, I know…  I’m much older than most of you Spoilerites, usually by ten years or more.  But still, in these days of endless streaming and 500 channels of syndication, even my twenty-something friends know the wonder of M*A*S*H, a show that actually outlasted the Korean War that serves as its backdrop.  It’s a show that lasted long enough that it has half a dozen sub-eras, and enough cast changes that each season is its own thing.  Regular army Colonel Potter took over from feckless Colonel Blake, Radar’s role was taken by Klinger, Sgt. Rizzo replaced Sgt. Zale, but perhaps the biggest change came in the role of Hawkeye’s partner in crime and tent-mate.  The question of BJ or Trapper is more complex than it seems, as both the wacky hard-partying class clown and the more staid family man provide support and contrast for Hawkeye and the crew of the 4077, leading to today’s Mobile Army Surgical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) was of the right age to watch the last seasons of M*A*S*H live as they aired, so my brain considers the man with the mustache to be preferable, asking: Trapper or BJ?


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