When we were kids on the playground, we used to play ‘Battle of the Planets‘, pretending to be science ninja team members and leaping about like idiots.  It was fun.  Earlier generations played astronaut or cowboy, but if given the choice between cowboy, spaceman or superhero, I’ll always go with the capes.  It’s just part of my genetics (or at least my proclivities after years of reading comics), leading us to today’s multiple-choice query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) got in trouble with a group of friends for playing ‘Demolition Derby’, wherein we just wheeled around and crashed into each other, because Kansas, asking: Cowboy, Spaceman or Superhero?


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  1. Cowboy, easily. Many superheroes seem to be rooted in the “heroic cowboy” archetype anyway….everybody from Han Solo and Captain Mal to about 2/3 of the 80s/90s X-Men could be traced back to that lone, dark stranger with a very particular set of skills who might initially be in it for himself, but will eventually do the right thing. Hell, even your more classical space characters like Flash Gordon and John Carter are rooted in that pulpy, two-fisted wild west aesthetic.

  2. Depends on space man. In a case of regular guy wearing a fish bowl on head, then super hero. However, i space man has powers like super hero, you get best of both worlds. Sorry cowboys, I’m from Europe and best ones I saw were Italian.

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