Though I love the annals of the Skywalker family, I’m glad to hear that Disney plans to branch out Star Wars properties from their particular lineage.  I’d be happy with stories that have no Jedi, no Empire and no characters from the trilogy in them, but I feel like it will always come back around to the Jedi.  For my money, it’s hard to beat Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan as Top Jedi, but Mace Windu is likewise pretty awesome, as is/was Ahsoka Tano and that one guy whose lead looks like a maple twist donut, leading to today’s disturbingly faithless query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually cheered out loud when Yoda took up his light sabre against Dooku, meaning the little guy is in the running as well, asking: Which Force-sensitive warrior, whether canonical or disavowed, is Top Jedi?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Midi-Korg Ian, the cosmic keyboardist who rocks the spaceways with his improvisational stylings. In episode 1, we learn that force sensitivity is measured by Midi-Korg Ian counts, so he is obviously the gold standard by which all others are measured.

  2. My favorite Jedi has been consigned to the mists of non-canonity, but she remains my favorite: Jaina Solo. She learned to fly from Han Solo, learned to be a Jedi from Luke Skywalker, and trained to fight dirty from Boba Fett.

    Her little brother Anakin was a little too Mary-Sue, and her twin brother Jacen had a fascinating character arc, but considering it ended with him becoming Sith Lord of the Galactic Alliance, he probably doesn’t get to win the “top Jedi” award.

    As far as Jedi still in canon? I always love Yoda, especially the crazy CGI lightsaber jumpy-flippy version that everyone else seems to hate on for some reason.

  3. Does Ahsoka count? Dark Horse days comics had some good ones too, even if I generally don’t like many of the Jedi. Too hypocritic and too overused.

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