The old ‘Who’d Win?’ gambit is a cornerstone of nerd discourse, whether it be Spider-Man vs. Batman (Spider-Man), Thor vs. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman) or Superman vs. Hulk (when in doubt, always bet on the guy with laser vision.)  But lesser-known combinations are also fun, like the two guys in blue with goggles and full-head cowls.  The question of Cyclops or Blue Beetle doesn’t feel like an obvious one at first, but the more I think about it, the more I realize they have in common.  Even though one’s an exuberant slacker and the other a steadfast leader type, they both end up as among the most important members of any team they’re part of, leading to today’s one-eyed-insect query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) leans towards Blue Beetle, if only for the ‘Bwaah ha ha’ era of JLI, but thinks Cyclops is amazing in his own right, asking: Cyclops or Blue Beetle?


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  1. i’m assuming based on the thumbnail, we’re talking about Scott Summers vs. the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

    slacker or no, Ted could probably think (and i’m assuming strategize) circles around Scotty.

    on experience alone though, Scott might be able to take out Jaime Reyes. i have no knowledge or opinion on that golden age Charlton Blue Beetle, so uhhh…i dunno. we’ll say Scott wins that one, based on being able to think a little more outside the box than some 1940’s mystery man hero?

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    If it’s in a fight, it’s straight up Cyclops. He’s been fighting and strategizing since he hit puberty, and has pretty much never stopped. We’ve seen it expressed that he’s got near Batman-level obsession of calculating out how to take down everybody and everything the first time he even looks at it/them, because you never know what might prove to be a threat.

    If it’s a question of who’d be good to hang with for a day or a week, then of course it’s Blue Beetle. But really, this is a question of Spartan Warrior vs. All-Star Quarterback. No way does Tom Brady beat King Leonidas.

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