Not so long ago, there was a ‘Chili’s’ commercial going around that makes me incredibly angry, using a Foghat song to trigger the fond memories of people only slightly older than me, but still getting me in the metaphorical oversplash.  There are a lot of songs they’ve ruined by sticking them in commercials, from using ‘I Melt With You’ to sell burgers to that horrible ‘All About That Bass’ song ending up in a diaper commercial.  (You’re not “bringing booty back”, ya jackwagons, you’re just making everyone hate you.)  The one upside to all of this is that The Monkees lack of commercial respect means that most of their catalogue is immune from this effect, leading to today’s overexposed query..

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has to admit that the horrific Kid Rock pseudo-cover wrecked ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ more than the KFC commercials, though, asking: Which of the songs they’ve ruined in advertising hurts the worst for you, personally?


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  1. I’d say it’s when they use classical music that is in the public domain. At least they have to pay and get consent from the artists (or their estates) when they use modern stuff.

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