Kenny’s arrangement with Francois is going well.  But soon he’ll see just what horrors the bayou really holds. Your Major Spoilers review of It Eats What Feeds It #2 from Scout Comics, awaits!

It Eats What Feeds it #2 ReviewIT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT #2

Writers: Max Hoven & Aaron Crow
Artist: Gabriel Iumazark
Colorist: Gabriel Iumazark
Editor: Charlie Stickney
Publisher: Scout Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 19th, 2020

Previously in It Eats What Feeds It: A few weeks into his new job, Kenny has completely fallen for Francois. He spends his days caring for her property and sliding raw meat through the attic door, while spending his nights tending to Francois’ needs in the bedroom.

Who Names Their Kid “Bug”?

It Eats What Feeds It #2 opens with Kenny at work on Francois’ estate.  After a montage of his various “duties” Kenny is called by Francois who isn’t feeling well.  She instructs him to find a Gregg Trucks at a bar, deep in the bayou.  Kenny reluctantly embarks on the errand and finds himself barred from entering when he gets there.  Thankfully an old friend named Bug sees him and helps get him inside.  Kenny follows Bug around for a bit as he hits on women and generally just annoys the other patrons.  Eventually they meet with Gregg.  After Kenny explains why he’s there, Gregg warns him that he’s getting in over his head, but relents and instructs Bug to go with Kenny back to Francois’ place.  Bug eagerly goes with.  It doesn’t take long for Francois to instruct Bug to go into the attic.  Kenny tries to stop him but only manages to get into the attic in time to be showered with what appears to be Bug’s insides and then come face to face with something he wasn’t expecting.

Southern-Fried Traditional Horror

There are a lot of Southern Gothic horror trappings at play here in this second issue, from the annoying “only here to be killed” character in Bug, a sinister tone among people “in the know”, a mostly innocent and young main character and so on.  Yet, as we get later into the issue, things take a turn towards monster horror with even some hints of cosmic horror.  Even with a tonal shift, it was pretty easy to figure out where things were going with this issue as soon as Bug was introduced which deflated any shock that might’ve been had by the ending.  There’s not a lot tone can do to fix a predictable plot.

Stylish and Visually Interesting

This is one interesting looking book.  With character designs that tip toe between unique and downright caricature-ish, like something akin to a more subdued Jhonen Vasquez.  Pair that with deep shadow usage and a filter that makes it look like a deep haze is hanging over every panel, there’s no denying that It Eats What Feeds It #2 has a distinct style.  While there are some rough spots, for example, it’s not always clear where characters are within a setting, the art is still the best part of this issue.

The Bottom Line: A Hit and Miss Horror Comic

While there’s some interesting things being done tonally with this comic, it’s hamstrung by a predictable plot that leaves all the tension and surprises within, falling flat.  Truly unique artwork does what it can to make this issue better, it can only do so much and ultimately It Eats What Feeds It #2 is little more than a poorly performing second chapter. 2 out of 5 stars

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It Eats What Feeds It #2


It Eats What Feeds It #2 never manages to escape a paint by numbers plotline in order to elevate itself into something more interesting, even with a unique style and look helping it.

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