One of the funnier in-jokes in the CW’s ‘Stargirl’ is the mocking of Pat Dugan’s superhero career, from his adult sidekick status to his alias to the fact that there are actually EIGHT members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.  Back in the Golden Age, the team was known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory or Law’s Legionnaires relatively interchangeably, with the L.L. name used post-Crisis to explain the erasure of Green Arrow and Speedy from continuity.  For my money, they’re one of the most fascinating teams in existence, with a faux Robin Hood, an Arthurian Knight, a Cowboy and a couple of guys who are completely uncategorizable (as well as one unfortunate racial stereotype in the form of Wing), leading to today’s alternative query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is one of the few who seems to like The Crimson Avenger’s red leotard look as much as I do his original Green-Hornet-riff cloak, asking: Do you prefer the name Seven Soldiers of Victory or Law’s Legionnaires?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    “Seven Soldiers of Victory” evokes patriotic freedom fighters. “Laws Legionnaires” sounds like something likely to provoke city-wide protests against police brutality. I’ll take the former for my heroic escapist entertainment, thank you.

  2. Seven Soldiers of Victory. The fact that there are eight of them is part of its charm. (You know, you could explain it in non-racist terms by counting minors as halves. Wing is NOT the “eighth soldier”: Speedy and the Star Spangled Kid are.)

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