We all have that thing that we consider the crown jewel of our collection: Stephen has his full-sized Batman statue, I have my first appearance of ‘Howard The Duck’, authographed by creator Steve Gerber, Rodrigo has his Roy Koopa plushie.  Whether we intend to or not, the pursuit of nerdery is often accompanied by the acquisition of cool things, which is why I have a LEGO Millenium Falcon in my downstairs rec room or why there’s a local man who brings out his replica Batmobile for every car show, leading us to today’s limited-edition query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also super-proud of my near-mint copy of Incredible Hulk #161, which my wife got for me for one of our first Christmases, asking: What gee-gaw, issue, sketch or what-have-you is the crown jewel of your collection?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I got few: All-Star Comics #58 (first Power Girl) in 8+ condition. Another one is Finnish edition Superboy (or rather, Son of Superman, as its incorrectly translated) #1 from 1961, unfortunately, its not in good condition. I got few manga and anime collectibles that are in a “rare” category with limited runs of 500 to 700 pieces and as many bucks in current price. Check out the discord toy section and I’ll post some of those there regularly.

  2. Robert Hulshof-Schmidt on

    I have an original Snoopy sketch drawn just for me and signed by Charles Schulz (because my grandmother asked him to — long story). It’s framed along with a picture of him drawing it and the letter from my grandmother telling the story. One of my most prized possessions.

  3. Ingrid Lind-Jahn on

    Bear with me here. I have an original sketch by John Kovalic (of Munchkin game) of Russ Feingold (former senator from WI) as Underdog, because he was an Underdog candidate at the time. Big fan of both of them. John attended the same University I did, and I became a fan with the comic strip he did for one of the university’s student papers.

    Or it could be my signed black and white Nexus #1.

  4. I don’t have much in the way of valuable back issues (I’m mostly a trade waiter for budgetary/space reasons), but i do have a fantastic con sketch of Mohawk Storm done by Ming Doyle from Boston Comic Con 2014 or 2015. I had it professionally framed and everything.

    I had it in my head to get a sketch from as many other local artists as i could (Erica Henderson, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson), but they all have since blown way up in the past 5 years, and they’ve all gotten bit pricey for commissions at this point. Mohawk Storm though.

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