Joshua Williamson is going out on The Flash with a bang, throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at fans to wrap up his stellar stint in The Flash #758 from DC Comics.


Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Christian Duce, Scott Kolins
Colorists: Luis Guerrero, Hi-Fi
Letterer: Steve Wands
Editor: Mike Cotton
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: July 22, 2020

SOLICITATION: “Legion of Zoom” part two! Central City is reeling from the recent attack, and Barry Allen lies broken and helpless! To uncover his foes’ next target, the Flash must solve a mystery from his past…but before he can, he’s attacked by the corrupted Tornado Twins–his children from the future!


To those people who said the Flash was too powerful, that no one could write great stories about him, you need to check out Mr. Williamson’s “run” on the hero. He’s brought in every speedster I remember and then some in his final storyline. Wow!

I mean, Barry is up against Gorilla Gross, the Rogues, and the Reverse Flash. Add to that mix the “Tornado Twins,” speedster children from the future, and it’s just going as fast as you can go when it comes to action.

The interesting thing to me about Barry Allen is that, even though he’s the “fastest man alive,” he’s not fast enough to help everyone. Superman faces this dilemma, too. When you could almost anywhere at all, what happens when you don’t save someone? If you are Barry, you feel guilty.

Barry is trying to have a normal life as well as being a hero. The Reverse Flash doesn’t have that concern. He just wants to BE Barry Allen, and he has all the time in the world to make it happen.

One of the least explored powers of the Flash has been his ability to vibrate his atoms to move through objects. Well, we see something that this ability could also do, and it’s not good for Mr. Allen.

Mr. Williamson is really giving us Flash fans everything we could possibly want to see in a major Flash story. All of Barry’s “family” is fighting against this “legion of zoom,” a name I find a great allusion to DC legends past. The last panel of this issue brings back two speedsters I never thought we’d see, and they seem mad at Barry. What’s up with that?

Not many scripters could handle all this action and drama as well as Williamson can. I mean, it could be dizzying with all the speeding around going on. But he handles all the moving parts with great skill, and it leaves me wanting more.

It’s funny that when a great series on a comic comes to an end that I get kind of misty. I felt this way when Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo ended their time on Batman. Like that “dynamic duo,” Williamson has set the bar tremendously high for the folks who will pick up the series after him. I love it when that happens!

Appropriately, the story moves at quite a fast pace. Barry is kind of like a pinball in that he’s bouncing from threat to threat, something that stuns even him. Reverse Flash has done his homework, and I just wonder how Barry will make it out of all this. I mean, he will, won’t he?


Duce always brings his “A” game on comics, and this issue was no exception. Great action sequences, powerful face representations… just a fabulous job all around.

I do have to mention that I always cheer for Scott Kolins, who I will forever consider one of THE Flash artists. Even two pages by him made me smile. Nicely done!

BOTTOM LINE: Racing to the End!

I’m looking forward to Williamson’s writing as he tackles Batman/Superman, among other things. When I find a comic that rocks me, I often find his name in the credits. He knows how to challenge even the most powerful of heroes. I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed his time on The Flash so much.

The interesting thing that puzzles me is, what do you do AFTER this story? I mean, what CAN you do? My only guess is that the new team will go into unexplored territory for Barry. I’d like to read that! But I have to congratulate Mr. Williamson on a terrific stint on a hero that can be quite a challenge to lesser writers. Well done!

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Flash #758


Appropriately, the story moves at quite a fast pace. Barry is kind of like a pinball in that he’s bouncing from threat to threat, something that stuns even him.

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