It occurred to me as I was browsing this week’s comics that they day of the one-shot villain (known colloquially as “Marvel Team-Up Bad Guys” in the parlance) have gone by the wayside.  It seems that the heroes these days only battle their lifelong nemesis/dark mirror, or against other heroes, and the days of random goofy villains are gone, especially now that we’ve lost ‘Invincible.’  The underrated threat guys like The Crusader, Megatak or The Privateer are the heart and soul of  classic comics, in some ways, leading to today’s neglected query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still thinks that most of the guys shot by Scourge have great potential, asking:  What one-shot/old-school/underrated threat villains do you most want to see returned and revamped?


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  1. the Gene Colan-ass, pencil-thin mustache-ass 70’s Marvel Dracula. with the possibility of a new Blade movie after we get out of this collective mess, i’d love to see him either pop up as a supernatural villain on par with your Dormammus, your Lokis, etc. in the comics again, or (fingers crossed) the movies.

    barring that, i always love a MODOK appearance.

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