Jupiter Jet has dreams of soaring across the solar system as she embarks on an all-new sci-fi adventure! This fall, Action Lab Comics is proud to announce the return of the Ringo Award-nominated series Jupiter Jet with Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio, a gorgeous full-color OGN trade paperback written by Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson (Science!: The Elements of Dark Energy), with art by Ben Matasuya (Midnight Massacre) and colors by Elizabeth Kramer, cover by JonBoy Meyers (Teen Titans, Spawn). 

Seventeen year-old superhero Jupiter Jet has kept Olympic Heights safe for the last year. Her flying skills are unmatched, and the city loves her. But she wants to do more.

Jupiter Jet sets out to liberate humanity from the clutches of The Praetors, the aliens that imprisoned them—not even her little brother’s discovery of a long-forgotten radio can change her mind. 

When the mysterious Black Flyer arrives in orbit and threatens her world, Jupiter Jet finds out that her flying techniques may not be up to the task. Being a hero requires more than just a jetpack. Does Jupiter Jet have the courage to save her entire planet? 

Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio cover art by: Jonboy Meyers, Logo Design by: Taylor Esposito


Like all noble heroes, Jupiter Jet will have to confront a new situation, a new villain and an another planet in her second adventure! These conflicts will grow the character further but still keep our comic story in the style of all-ages comics of the past specifically the Superman and Batman Adventures. It’s an intricate story for adults and a fun adventure for the kids!

said Jason Inman.

JUPITER JET AND THE FORGOTTEN RADIO started as an experiment in how Jacky changed after her first year as a superhero. She’s overcome a lot of adversity and so have our readers. Volume 2 of JUPITER JET’s story is about bravery, community, and family. It’s been my honour to write this brilliant young woman and I hope she jumps off the page and into people’s hearts of all ages!

said Ashley Victoria Robinson

Jupiter Jet writers Ashley Victoria Robinson & Jason Inman by: Cameron Rice

“I think the one word that sums up Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio for me is growth,” said Ben Matasuya. “Not only do we see our Jupiter Jet universe expand and reveal new adventures, I think our creative team has grown so much too. Jason, Ashley, Taylor, and I have grown as storytellers in our respective fields and also our Jupiter Jet family has grown with the addition of Liz, our amazing new colorist. The possibilities for this world and this team are endless!”


“As a fan of the series before I was hired as the colorist, Jupiter Jet was a blast to work on!” said Elizabeth Kramer. “Bringing the story and artwork to full color was a joy and a challenge blending new genres and settings while keeping the time-y era look. I can’t wait for people to read it!”  


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Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio is slated for release in comic shops October 7, 2020 and on bookstore shelves October 20th. For additional press queries, please contact Don’t Hide PR Publicity Director, Melissa Meszaros:



Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio is Copyright © 2020 Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, All rights reserved.



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