With most super-teams, it’s easy to explain how they work and who the key players are: Professor X founded the X-Men, Doctor Strange is the spine of the Defenders, the Legion rotates around Cosmic Boy, for good or for ill.  But the question of which is the most important Avenger is more complicated, thanks to the team’s long and checkered history.  Certainly Iron Man providing a headquarters in those earliest days was paramount, but is it more important than Captain America’s position as field general?  Or the Wasp’s unerring ability to keep them on task while also worrying about her hair?  Or Hawkeye’s constant questioning of the status quo?  Heck, even The Hulk, whose anger brought the team together, could be a candidate, leading to our daily Earth’s Mightiest query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to say Machine Man, but even *I* can’t make that stretch, asking: Which Avenger is the MOST important Avenger of all?


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