One of the most important moment of the Justice League International era came when Captain Marvel introduced The Martian Manhunter to the magic of Oreos.  Even though DC later changed them to the non-copyrighted “Chocos”, the joy that the last of the Green Martians took in the sandwich cookies was an island of happiness even after the League turned into a non-stop horrorfest.  Batman even left one on J’onn’s casket after his temporary death circa ‘Infinite Crisis’, leading to today’s baked cocoa query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a deep love of the local bakery’s macaroons, which are apparently different from their equally good macarons, asking: Are there ANY cookies better than Oreos?


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  1. Girl scout cookies – specifically Tagalongs.

    Honorable mention to Nutter Butters

    I actually don’t have the special love for Oreos that most people seem to have. They’re not bad at all, but there’s lots of cookies I’d put ahead of them.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Most definitely. Oreos are fairly meh without a glass of milk. I’ll take a Nestle’s Tollhouse cookie over an Oreo, and really pretty much any standard chocolate chip cookie for that matter.

    I like a Samoa, a chewy oatmeal raisin, a thin mint, a nutter butter, a Fig Newton, and even a ‘Nilla Wafer more than the Hydrox-copy that is Oreo.

    Would a Twix count? It has that “cookie crunch.”

  3. Store bought.. Pecan Sandies.
    Pretty much any home made cookie outshines Oreos. My favorites are family recipes and Cowboy cookies which have nuts, coconut, cornflakes…. An awesome cookie.

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