While innocently sitting in my living room and putting the finishing touches on this week’s Retro Review, I happened upon a showing of 1974’s ‘Phantom of the Paradise’, a film I had previously known only by reputation.  And what a reputation it is, as the film known for not quite being a parody and presaging modern mash-up culture, all the while reminding us that Brian De Palma is a talented but wildly polarizing figure.  As the film wore on, I found myself feeling like the kid in the back seat during the opening sequence of ‘Super Troopers’, freaking out a little bit at the imagery, bizarre dialogue and an extended sequence of Paul Williams sitting in a bubble bath and talking to the literal Devil, leading to today’s Faustian query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will probably need to see the film again in order to form a coherent opinion, but I’m not sure I’m gonna seek it out, asking: What’s the last thing you read or viewed that made you think you were freaking out, man?


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