The year of 3,333 and it is a much different place then our modern day earth. Vampires are real and they thrive alongside humans. Come check out Detective Harper Halloway as she hunts down a vampire killer in Bleed Them Dry #1 by Vault Comics!


Writer: Eliot Rahal and Hiroshi Koizumi
Artist: Dike Ruan
Colorist: Miguel Muerto
Letterer: Andworld
Editor: Adrian F. Wassel
Publisher: Vault Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 24, 2020

Previously on Bleed Them Dry: A new series has come that is based in the city of Asylum: a Japanese-engineered mega-city. Vampires are considered immortals and most live alongside humans without any real issue. However, there is a murderer on the loose and Detective Halloway has to figure out what is actually going on. Nothing is ever black and white.


Detective Halloway and her partner, Atticus, is investigating the murder of Ms. Akari Aikido who was a recent immortal. When investigating the situation, Halloway is attacked by a crazed vampire and Atticus saves her by chopping the vampire in half. After being lectured by their police captain, we learn that Atticus is also an immortal with connections to the underworld. Harper Halloway tries and gets some sleep but is having an unhealthy bit of insomnia.

The next day, she finds out that Atticus has been able to find the vampire killer. After a brief celebration, Halloway wants to double check on the facts in her office. She then hears a scream coming from the cells. The person whom Atticus claimed was the vampire killer was actually someone who worshipped Atticus. The crazed man wanted to become a vampire and Atticus used that desire to frame him for a murder and then killed him in the cell. Harper observes this deceit and as Atticus goes to kill Harper she is saved by the true Vampire Hunter.


This has all the elements of a classic detective story. The story has the mean police Captain, the partner that is actually evil, and the mystery that isn’t straightforward. The genre is then twisted because we are in the far future and has an inclusion of vampires within everyday life. This seems like a recipe for a good new twist on a classic genre. My main issue is that despite there being a different setting; the story hasn’t introduced a new idea yet. I feel that I am reading just a standard detective story and that loses my interest. If I am going to be on board for the story, I need to see an element that is truly unique and engaging.

I do have to say, I enjoyed the book visually. The creative team was able to accent the art when it needed too. Often this accent is blood and it takes your breath away. My main example is when Harper is attacked by a vampire and Atticus saves her. It is such a sudden visual change that catches you off guard as this vampire is sliced in half.


This is a good first issue of a new series. It introduces the characters well and brings you into the plot and setting very quickly. This issue has convinced me to check out issue two but I am not committed to the series as a whole. Hopefully this secret that was advertised in the solicitation will become more prevalent. 3.5 out of 5 stars for Bleed Them Dry #1.

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Bleed Them Dry #1

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Bleed Them Dry is a vampire ninja science fiction detective, tale. With all these elements, I hope they can tell a unique story that isn't bogged down my genre tropes.

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