It’s been quite a few years since Avery Brooks angrily wondered, “Where are all the flying cars?” But what nobody seems to wonder is, “Where are all the talking cars?” Knight Rider proved that even overtones of a nasal Boston accent wouldn’t make a genius computer-brained car insufferable, while Speed Buggy proved that having a cowardly car could still be a lot of fun. Given the terrifying thought that cars may be able to drive themselves soon, I think it might be good if they could express themselves with the soothing baritone of Optimus Prime, or a cool robot voice, leading to today’s “anything but an Owen Wilson voice-over” query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks the real problem is going to occur when the car starts arguing with you about where you claim to want to go, and how it doesn’t want to park in the sun, asking: Do you think you would actually want a talking car?


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  1. Since I mostly listen to podcasts in the car, and my phone hooks to it via bluetooth and voice control, it could be argued I already HAVE a talking car…

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