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Super M.D.s Ten Things
A native of North America circa 1000 BCE, Manitou traveled forward in time with her husband, Manitou Raven, to first battle, then join the Justice League of America.  They fell in with Vera Black’s splinter organization, the Justice League Elite, where Dawn began an affair with Green Arrow.  When Raven died stopping a bomb, he transferred his sorcerous might to her.

Their people would eventually become the Native American Apache tribe which, combined with the incantation “Inukchuk!” that allowed both Dawn and Raven to grow, makes it clear that he is an adaptation of Super Friends’ Apache Chief.


Super M.D.s Ten Things
A trio of powerful beings from another world, the team of New Moon, Crescent Moon and Harvest Moon came to Earth with the goal of eradicating all war, but attacking nuclear silos.  This brought them into conflict with Superman and Batman, who fought them before trying to teach them the error of their ways and sending them back out into space.

They were last seen when Animal Man traveled through Limbo, more thirty years ago.


Super M.D.s Ten Things
An ally of the dimensional traveler called Rascal, little is known of Midnight Devil, not even his real name.  He is a superhuman acrobat with impressive fighting skills and can remove his forked tail for use as a spear weapon.  He speaks of having died to get his powers, and his look seems to be a transformation rather than a super-suit, but since ‘Strikeback!’ never got a sequel, we’ll likely never learn his secrets.


Super M.D.s Ten Things

Though she seems to be a pre-teen, Molly has been patrolling the skies of Cooperville for more than two decades, using her invulnerability and strength to protect the populace.  She has spent that time under the care and observation of the Danger Action Response Team (DART) but what she really wants is a normal life with a real family.  It’s really the belt that makes her whole ensemble sing.


Super M.D.s Ten Things
A powerful witch who gave up her life to restore her son to life, her real name is unknown.  What is know is that she, along with several other super-types, was trapped in an extradimensional prison which doubles as a rural farming town.  Each of the characters of ‘Black Hammer’ represents a superhero archetype, with Madame D as the hero-slash-horror-host, like Mr. E or the Phantom Stranger, making her even more meta than her unwilling teammates.


A long-time supervillain who was never very good at it, Paul Booker originally had a number of gadgets allowing him to simulate disasters.  His powers became internalized, which nearly drove him mad, and he eventually sold his soul to a devil called Neron for a serious power boost.  While the Justice League was lost in time, he was recruited by Nightwing to serve in an interim JLA team, eventually joining the main roster and working to rehabilitate his life.  Last I heard, I think he was dead, but that sort of thing can change.


When Ryotaro Nogami (aka Kamen Rider Den-O) traveled back into his own past, he met his younger self of ten years earlier.  Nicknaming his child self Kotaro, Ryotaro brings himself a long for protection, only to have his power patron extend the Kamen Rider powers to Kotaro as well.  After fighting alongside his older self. Kotaro is returned to his regular place in time, still somehow aware of his future, which seems like a pretty big plot hole, if you ask me.


Eighteen-year-old Buffy Budson is the only child of an ultra-macho hero of World War II who isn’t entirely sure about her role as his successor.  (This was back in 1987, when it made a bit more sense that a man of that age might have a daughter her age, especially one with a Valley Girl outlook and hypercolor aesthetics.)  Her sole recorded adventure is as part of a small army of super-beings assembled by the powerful being Sir Realism, entirely by accident, but is somehow indelibly burned into my memory.


Born Evan Cousins, Max was one of the most dangerous and immoral super-villain jerks of his world, engaging in a regular slate of crime, mayhem and wrong-doing just for funsies.  When The Plutonian, his world’s most noble hero, suddenly turned into a murderous whirlwind of alien powers, Max had an epiphany and vowed to turn his life around.  Giving up his life of crime, Max tried to become a balance against Plutonian’s newfound evil.

It’s hard to say whether or not he succeeded.


A soldier of the human space colony of Terra Venture, Mike Corbett was one of the discoverers of the Quasar Sabres that empowered the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, but didn’t get to carry one, instead handing it to his brother Leo.  Mike was saved by a legendary hero who possessed him to fight against the evil Scorpius.  When that hero died in the line of duty, Mike became the new Magna Defender, allying with his brother’s Power Rangers team to bring down Scorpius and save Terra Venture.

Depending on the continuity, he later becomes the Black Solar Ranger.

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