Thanks to a recent accidental viewing of ‘The Terminator’, I had time to consider how incredibly hosed the personal timeline of John Connor is.  Every movie has retconned his life to the point where I can’t even be bothered to try and figure out how Christian Bale relates to the one who looks like Ted Kennedy relates to the annoying 90s teen.  I’m still a bit annoyed about the thing that happens during ‘Dark Fate’, which effortlessly makes the fourteen previous movies feel like a decades-long shaggy dog joke.  Of course, matters of time paradox also bother me as regards the balance between ‘Picard’ and the new Kelvin timeline Star Trek universe and the question of why we needed to know how he got the name Han Solo.  Sequels, prequels and interquels usually raise more questions than they answer, leading us to today’s Einstein-Rosen query..

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that the biggest mind-scrambler is Reece looking up Sarah in a phone book that he finds in a PHONE BOOTH, asking: Do problems of Time Paradox diminish your enjoyment of sequels/prequels?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Problems of time paradox can diminish my enjoyment of ANY story. It doesn’t even have to be a sequel; if there’s unaddressed time paradox in a story, it will typically pull me right out of the narrative. Only a very few stories have been enjoyable enough for me to jump right back into the story fast enough that it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment at least a little bit.

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