When it comes to your flying serpents, there are many different hues of scale… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Chromatic Dragons!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and a 60-foot cone attack with a DC 21 DEX save against 18d6 damage, Presents:



Able to “breathe fire” thanks to special flamethrowers in his mask (!!), this unnamed gang leader clashed with Spider-Man multiple times in his attempts to rule New York’s criminal underworld. He even tried to recruit Peter Parker’s friend Philip Chang into his Dragon Lords gang, only to be repeatedly smacked down. He eventually branched out to be a leader of the London Triad gang, and was then decapitated as part of a mystic ritual. He briefly went by the alias Black Dragon.


Half-siblings Gary Novak and Keiko Shimasa Takamura are offspring of a legendary Japanese crime lord, and were born at the same moment to different mothers. This created a quandary, as their father’s mystical powers would pass to his eldest offspring upon death, leading his strange energies to pass on to BOTH children. When together, their strength, reflexes and speed are heightened and they can call upon a powerful energy dragon that can attack or serve as transportation. The Jade Dragons operated in Astro City during the 1970s, but their final fate is as yet unrecorded.


A Japanese mercenary, Goro Sanada was genetically enhanced by secret experiments and later received an infusion of the same nanites that power Bloodshot. Goro holds a terrible grudge against Colin King, the spy/ninja known as Ninjak, bad blood that stems from their shared interest in the same woman. He is a formidable foe, but can be reasoned with.

I still wouldn’t try to explain that his battle gear isn’t actually crimson.


Another crime lord and mercenary, Kirau Nezumi fell in love with a spy sent to monitor his operations, eventually killing her when the truth came out. This was, however, after she bore his son, leading his counterpart, Toshiaki White Crane, to fatally defeat him in one-on-one combat and take the child to raise away from his father’s evil.

The boy grew up to become Karate Kid of the Legion of Super-Heroes, trained in every known form of hand-to-hand combat, so score one point for Sensei White Crane.


The official superhero of Wales in the Marvel Universe, this unnamed woman is also a legacy, replacing the previous Red Dragon in the Super-Heroes of Europe (S.H.E.) It is unclear whether or not she has any powers, but her predecessor had red skin, wings and razor-sharp teeth, implying that she might, as well.


Chromatic Dragons Ten Things

One of the first villains created for the Champions 1st Edition source book, some 40 years ago, Aaron Chow is another marital arts master, who may or may not have enhanced abilities due to an explosion which left him orphaned. Green Dragon is a mercenary (everybody drink!) with the added wrinkle of hating Western society, and thus chooses to focus his skill on Occidental foes. Later editions of the game allowed him to overcome his brainwashing and become a hero, but he still remained skeptical of Westerners.


Chromatic Dragons Ten Things

An enemy of the mystical order known as The Leymen, this unnamed villain is NOT a mercenary and crime lord from Japan who uses his martial arts skills for selfish means. No, Faithful Spoilerites, this particular dragon is from HONG KONG…

…aaaand uses his martial arts skills as a mercenary for selfish means. He ran afoul of Primal Force, the superhero arm of The Leymen, and was pretty soundly slapped down for his hubris.


Chromatic Dragons Ten Things

The most terrible creature in the Land of Mo, where everyone is eternally young and no one ever dies, this creature’s veins were filled with raspberry juice and it changed shape as quickly and easily as Plastic Man himself. Like many denizens of the Merry Olde Lands in and around Oz, it was dragged into a war with Wonderland that required the intervention of Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew to iron out.


Chromatic Dragons Ten Things

Ang Leung is the son of the last Golden Dragon, born in the Year of the Dragon. Raised with his twin sister Ling (who goes by the nom de guerre of Shadow Dragon and works for the evil Zodiac Master who killed their father), Ang grew to master martial arts and take up their father’s heroic legacy. As the Guardian of Dragon Temple, he can fly, shoot blasts of fire from his hands and works tirelessly to both stop the Zodiac Master and bring his sibling back from the dark side.


Born and raised on the rough & tumble outlaw world of Rimbor, Jo Nah grew up in a gang called the Emerald Dragons, and was later swallowed by a space whale. Normally, he goes by the alias of Ultra Boy and wears a gloriously garish orange-green-and-black costume, but when Earthgov was infiltrated by evil Dominators and the Legion of Super-Heroes was outlawed, he took on another identity based on his childhood runnin’ buddies. The fact that he still had Kryptonian powers one-at-a-time, worked with an invulnerable blonde, a lightning thrower and a girl with prehensile hair somewhat undermined the disguise’s effectiveness.

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