Pop culture is full to the brim with characters who are unlikable for reasons big and small, but few are as disliked as Dr. John Zoidberg, of Decapod 10.  A dedicated friend (he has worked with Professor Farnsworth for years, just in case the Professor shows symptoms of Hyper-Malaria) who never quits (even though his lack of skill, talent or success as a doctor makes it clear that he should), Dr. Zoidberg isn’t that much more abrasive than the rest of the Planet Express crew, save for maybe Leela, and that only depending on how you view the issue of physical violence.  Sure, he’s a jerk, but is he really that much more of a jerk than the other jerkes?  It’s a question for the ages (the ages of 6-10), leading to today’s crustacean query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wonders if you have any single lady friends, asking: WHY NOT ZOIDBERG???


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