I’m actually glad to hear that HBO Max will be making a Green Lantern Corps television program, especially given the reputation GL has gotten.  There is a sort of mythology cropping up that states that the 2011 film outing for Hal Jordan was some sort of legendary flop, rather than just a CGI-laden snooze fest that bit off more than the creators could chew, with serious issues in tone and plot.  For a while, DC has had a Green Lantern movie slotted for the year 2020 as part of their cinematic blueprint, but already, people in my feeds are opining that HBO’s take HAS to distance themselves from Ryan Reynolds, and especially from Hal Jordan, leading us to today’s blackest night query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) believes that such a project absolutely needs Kilowog, but the cases for other characters are harder, asking:  Does a Green Lantern Corps television program need to have Hal Jordan in it?


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  1. To be interesting? Absolutely not. In fact, I’d prefer a John Stewart or Kyle Rainer outing.

    But to be successful? …Probably. Hollywood execs are always going to push for whatever has the most name recognition.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    No, definitely not. But just as sure as we got Barry Allen instead of Wally West, Green Lantern will be chained to the Hal ship so long as “Okay, Boomer” remains a meaningful statement.

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