Something wicked has come to Greendale, but Sabrina finds the source is too close to home!  Your Major Spoilers review of Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2 from Archie Comics awaits!


Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Veronica Fish and Andy Fish
Colorist: Veronica Fish and Andy Fish
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Editor: Alex Segura and Jamie Lee Rotante
Publisher: Archie Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 29, 2020

Previously in Sabrina The Teenage WitchSabrina has long felt the pull her two worlds, witch and mortal, but she’s always had her devoted aunts Hilda and Zelda on her side to help guide her through that gauntlet. But when a spell suggests she can no long trust even them, where will Sabrina turn as a series of supernatural murders fall upon the town of Greendale?


After the discovery that Hilda & Zelda, her beloved aunties, were seemingly behind the spell that turns her friends Radka and Ren into mystical were-creature, the problem of her double life has become even more complex.  Unable to share her witchy nature with her school friends and unable to discuss her school problems with her witchy family, Sabrina turns to Della, the local witch who runs the “Christmas” shop.  Della teaches her one of the games of her witchy people (a really interesting Tarot-based game that reminds me a bit of Wizard’s Chess and whatever Chewbacca played on the holo-board on the Millennium Falcon), leaving her confident of herself and her abilities.  As such, she casts the spell to keep Ren and Radka from transforming into Wendigos, only to discover the terrible price of her power.


There are several really great moments in this issue (Ren and Sabrina not-quite admitting their attraction to one another, the tarot game sequence and more) but my favorite is Della bringing Sabrina a broomstick and taking her flying over Greendale.  The use of Della in this issue is interesting, making it unclear what she might be up to, and the sheer joy on Sabrina’s face as they fly might imply that she’s trying to pull Miss Spellman over to the side of the witches.  Indeed, the Fishes’ art throughout the issue is wonderful, conveying the endless emotional roller coaster of being a teenage girl, Radka’s desperation for help and the horrifying image of a blighted swath of forest, the after-effects of Sabrina’s use of power.  As with much of the modern Archie Comics’ output, this story’s palace in the larger universe isn’t really clear, but it also doesn’t matter, as this isn’t a book about Archie or marrying Cthulu or gothic tragedy, but just a young girl’s search for a role and meaning during her most awkward years.


With expressive, attractive and perfectly tonally suited art, Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2 (aka Sabrina: Something Wicked #2) is a very good story, diving into the psyche of a girl torn between two worlds and creating a very relatable and meaningful narrative, earning 4 out of 5 stars overall.  I’m going to be picking up every issue of this book, and you should, too, especially if you’re into teenage drama, witchery and/or excellent art.

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Truth Or


Sabrina learns confidence, fights self-doubt and finds that everything has a price in a well-written issue with excellent art.

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